About Us

Pre-Law Shadowers is a student-led organization dedicated to providing pre-law students across universities in Canada with virtual shadowing opportunities.

Our goal is to help young students engage and learn more about the legal careers they plan to pursue. It can be difficult to find learning opportunities during the pandemic, so we started this organization in the hopes that it can be both accessible and educationally fulfilling for students.

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Our Key Mission Statement Goals


Building connections with pre-law students across Canada that share the same passions and interests, thus creating a networked community.


Creating shadowing opportunities for students to meet with legal professionals in various careers to boost their knowledge on future pathways and have their concerns addressed.


Providing a one-stop place of information for pre-law students to successfully navigate the legal field and its various elements.


Supporting pre-law students with their academic journey by assisting with undergraduate studies, LSATs, as well as law school and beyond.

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